PM Jazz Combo

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The PM Jazz Combo is our smallest, and most veristale, band!  We can provide a full sound in a small configuration.  We specialize in dinner music providing the best in tasteful jazz standards.  PM Jazz is most often seen performing as a duo consisting of Paul Martin on saxophone/bass, and Lanny Gooding on piano/vocals.  We often add the drumming of Steve Berry to compliment the already terrific sound of PM Jazz!

In some cases PM Jazz can be hired in other formats – anything from a piano/bass duo to a septet. Just let us know what you looking for in a small jazz band to compliment your event.  PM Jazz plays music from the 1930’s-60’s; including jazz standards, hits from the swing ear, popular show tunes, and also more modern jazz pieces.  PM Jazz also plays sacred jazz (and is available for Jazz Worship services).

Listen to the PM Jazz Quintet playing in Jazz Worship!

The band is available for any event. The rate for hiring PM Jazz is $300-$800 for a local engagement, depending on the size of the band hired (negotiable).  Concert rates are available upon request.  You can email PM Jazz at